If we change the story we tell ourselves then it leaves everything open to possibilities.
Charity worker, Derry-Londonderry
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Amplify: Transforming Northern Ireland

This report tells the powerful stories of change that are emerging across Northern Ireland. Our work began in 2014 with a community listening exercise in Belfast, Derry-Londonderry and Enniskillen. We have engaged with hundreds of people to understand more about shared values, challenges and aspirations.

The emerging stories help us to understand our strengths and challenges, but they also tell us about the sorts of values and narratives that we would like to associate with in the future. We are developing new narratives of what is possible and the actions and innovations are the vehicle for change.

We want to promote self-confidence, hope and bold aspirations. We are supporting people and organisations with the drive and potential to kick start new projects and ideas. We have identified 24 innovations and have provided intensive training and project acceleration support.

By connecting new narratives with fresh ideas, we are creating a movement of transformation in Northern Ireland – everyone can be part of this change – join us!


Social transformation comes about when sufficient numbers of people across society establish a shared vision of a better world. We are intrinsically bound together by our shared experiences. These experiences vary from one region to another and are shaped by countless factors like culture, history, dominant behaviour and the degree to which there is desire for change. By listening to our shared experiences we can understand more about the decisions and behaviours that affect our everyday lives. We also develop a deeper appreciation of our collective strengths as well as challenges, and of our shared hopes and aspirations for the future.


The unique and distinctive characteristics of our cities, towns and regions are cherished by the people who make that place their home. By telling our stories we can recount and articulate what makes our area a special and unique place to live. These shared narratives also provide an opportunity to re-imagine our future. Telling stories provides an opportunity to collectively envision what we want our communities to look and feel like, and to set out a plan for how we are going to achieve that goal together.


Amplify is providing support and direction to a diverse range of individuals, groups and organisations who are seeking to transform their communities. We are establishing a network of committed individuals to share and exchange inspiration, skills and resources and we are offering accelerator programmes to support people with socially innovative ideas. We believe that to challenge inequality you must transfer greater power and control to those who best understand the needs and potential of their communities, so they can be the leaders of positive transformation.